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Sen's Trade Reviews
«: April 10, 2009, 09:37:42 PM»
My first trade review evers :D
Now, people may say I'm very unreliable, and I admit I am quite a bit  :oops: , but I usually do my trades at rather odd times. Mainly at 3am in the morning. But successful trades xD  Anyways...
this is in memory order :3

Digo Trades

Teroy - Traded 5GD for a portspace  ::). Nice and smooth :>

Rooka - Traded a portspace for 5GD. Was funny :D

Shell - Traded Life Foxen for Wolven + 5GD. Very smooth and they were polite :3

Tusumi - Traded Life Foxen for GD

Iva - Traded 42gd + portspace (used 5gd for transfer) for my Classics

Shimmer - Traded 10GD and Classics for my batwings. Great person to trade with :U

Ammy/Stinker - This one changed her mind a lot when it came to trading. Offers went from chinchillas to unicorns for the dragon. Finally settled with life bats and 30GD (I am teh worst tradey person EVARR 8D). This was before the scam post thingymabob. Not one I'd suggest doing a trade with.

Fluzzy/Natuk - Traded Life Dragon for the phoenix. A good person to talk to and I'd suggest trading with `em.

Kooney - Don't know if they are on here. Traded a phoe for tygard. Funny :3

Alt Trades

I don't remember these too well, so just drop me a note and tell me what happened.   ;D
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