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Reviews =)
«: March 29, 2009, 10:44:07 PM»
Well I only did around 3, and one, I forgot the real owner's name, so do correct me xD;

Don't know if she goes by that here, but I believe it was 2006 or 2007 when we made this trade. I wanted Conan Edogawa and she was selling it. Before Dragonscales came, so this was all avatars/portspaces. So we made the trade. I still have Conan Edogawa and I refuse to give it up. Very nice, pleasure to work with.

Who ever owned Sled
Well the ported made me love this alt, so I whispered to see if s/he was online and s/he was. I paid and got the alt immediately. Very friendly and easy to work with. And I apologize for forgetting who you are. D:

Well I love Heroes and she had Elle Bishop, I made and offer, she accepted and I got the character within 20 minutes or less. Very nice and if she gets any more Heroes alts, I might have to hunt her down. xD

I just got the alt and love it. I claimed it as my main, and I won it in an auction out of the auto-buy. Great to work with, love the alt, and I hope Colby enjoys the lifer. =D