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lol done
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That's the thing though, the 'furries' we grew up with were comical animals meant for thoughtless Saturday morning entertainment.

The furries you see today are.. well.

I'm sure you have some idea of how things have changed. People didn't use to 'fursuit' or go make asses of themselves in protests and conventions for 'furry rights against fursecution' or post grotesque furry porn on the internet.

I think it's just another one of those genres that's been tainted because the deviant part of the group is louder than the sensible part. This happens a lot. Teenagers. Rock and roll. Drugs (debatably). Religions. And now animal characters.

People always have to go and ruin it for everyone.


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Seriously, they have their own dialect. It's scary.


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In an ideal world, we wouldn't have to hide our hobbies and interests or even our "double lives", but unfortunately, this is reality and everyone knows everyone else's business. If you don't want to have any troubles with your career or education down the road, it's probably best to not post anything out of the norm under accounts that your employers/peers can find you under.

It's kind of like that whole thing with Facebook/Myspace. People have gotten fired because their bosses found pictures of them stoned or drunk to hell, or they have posted unsavory things on said websites.

You're right, though. Furries back in the day were innocent, and even though many of the characters still are, the sexual subculture has essentially ruined it for the people who are just in it for fun and creativity. I myself have even been accused of beastiality and all that BS, and I don't even HAVE an anthro character. I draw people's characters occasionally, because it's creative, and well, I get paid.

Sadly, people are not going to stop being closed-minded, so you gotta do what you can to protect yourself.
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This is why I actually avoid posting my whole name on the internet these days. And why my alias is nothing anyone IRL would guess it to be. I've heard much too many horror stories of peoples' employers googling their names and finding "fire-able" content due to the results.

Even Kesame (at deviantart) had an incident like that, didn't she? Someone happened to post her art on a site that also posted explicit (furry!) content. Idk might be mixing things up.

Anyway I think it's because the fetish side of the fandom isn't very contained at all. I bet that if I googled "furry" I'd get some sort of porn relating to it within the first page. The anime fandom has "hentai" which is a totally different term from "anime", hence harder to find, but everything is lumped under "furry" in this fandom.

Bottom line for me: I'm continuing to follow my parents' advice of not giving out my full name. ):