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kurtypoo's reviews!
«: March 26, 2009, 06:48:16 PM»
i'm not much of a trader, but i'm bored, so why not type one of these things up? :)

-- LIST --

Kayla: Bought Kurt and a life chinchilla off of her, so definite LOVE! Also my BFF in real liiiife. :)!

Nat: Bought Isabella Swan off of her with a one year foxen. She's very reliable and a really nice girl. <333

Andie: She and I have traded so many alts, it's unbelievable. Sold Ruffian, Seattle Slew, Man o' War, Harlow, Meteor and Andie to her without any issues whatsoever. Also purchased Rhinn off of her, which was a smooth trade. Very trustworthy and quick with payment. Definitely one of my good friends. :) <3

Sully: Purchased Harlow off of her. Very quick and very friendly!

Stephie: Purchased Alydar off of her. Quick and reliable.

Emily: Traded Dandy for Wink. Have nothing bad to say about her, she's very reliable and nice. :D

I'm positive there are more of you that I've bought alts from/sold alts to, so just drop a PM or reply if so. xD I'm very forgetfulllll. <3