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Time to reviewwwww
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If I forgot you, send me a PM. I am very forgetful.

Alt Stuff

Devour/Dre - Traded the alt Dre to her for 20 gd. A very quick and easy trade, and she was patient until I got back to her. Highly recommended <3

Alatariel - Sold House to her a while back and then she was kind enough to come to me first before selling off the alt. I bought House back from her for a very nice price. She is a sweetheart. Highly recommended <3

Shimmer - Bought the alt Raja from her for a very reasonable price. A quick and easy trade, plus shes a nice person to chat with, haha. Highly recommended.

Trock - I share Darcia with her. Extremely trustworthy, plus I love her to pieces <3

Bam - Sold Craven to them. They were easy to negotiate with, and the trade went very smoothly. Highly recommended.

Hojo - Bought the alt Ahadi from them. Also very easy to negotiate with, and a quick and fast trade. Highly recommended.

Loki - Gave me the alt Gucci for free because he saw it on my wanted list and I didn't have anything to offer for it. A very kind gesture that I will not forget. <3

Chrome - Sold Duality to them. Quick and easy trade. He's a very nice guy <3 Highly recommended.

Hoot/Hammy - She gave me one of my highly wanted alts, Killjoy, for free because I lacked money to offer on it. I am forever in her debt. <3

Ike - Sold Manson to them, as it had previously been their alt. Easy to negotiate with, and a very fast trade.

Digo Stuff

Ammy - As most people know, shes in the business of selling/buying/reselling lifers. I decided to offer on her life primes, offering her $35. When she finally got back to me, she proceeded to be really rude, saying she REFUSED (quote caps) to sell for so low, considering that was barely a fraction of what she paid for them (which I believe to be unlikely, since she buys lifers cheap only to resell them for profit). But anyways, I wished her good luck in selling her lifers since the market was so down, and she continued to be nasty and then ended up calling me 'annoying' after I asked her to stop giving me such attitude. Needless to say, I put her on ignore after that. The funny thing about all this is that she had bought my life phoenix from me not even a month ago, and was so sweet and kind. Funny, huh? Guess she didn't remember me. Bottom line is, I would not recommend doing business with this girl ever, as she will only be nice to you if she's getting what she wants.

Zach/"Jules" - Sold me life tris for a lovely low price. Love this girl, highly recommended <3
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Time to reviewwwww
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I'm flattered. <3  :oops:
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Time to reviewwwww
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Ooooh thanks <3  It was a pleasure to trade with you!

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Time to reviewwwww
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aw bbygirl!
i love you more

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i will be your DOLL, i will be your GIRL

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Re: Time to reviewwwww
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added some!