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Tawnie/Kelsy {WARNING. please readd}
«: March 08, 2009, 01:14:15 PM»
Ok. On December 29th of 2008 I had been experiencing some delay on getting on my character Hammy. Well, I could get on, but she continued disconnecting when my other alts had been fine. My other main character, Hoot, had been experiencing some what of the same delay. I had been practically minding my own business, talking to Techno and Pickle on the phone and having a grand time building a home at Mystic Homes on my alt Taikaih when Tawnie had whispered me. I do not have permission to post logs, and for that, I'll summarize. The conversation went along the lines of; Tawnie: "Hey what were you doing earlier?"
Me: "taking a shower.."
Tawnie: "no on furc.. you were being a noob and trying to sell your spaces or whatever."
Me: wtf when was this
Tawnie: around noon at hawthorne blabalaa
Me: i dont even go to hawthorne, and i know damn well my spaces arent transsss."
ok ok. so ye. she whispered me along those lines. Now let me tell you that when I was with Pickle and Techno on my alt Taikaih, I had been on Hoot their previously, disconnected, then logged her back on and went to Hoot elsewhere. Well, as I had been with Pickle and Techno, Hoot suddenly logs on in funky ass colors (Thank you Kat for instinctively taking a screenshot at the perfect time. ^.^ ). Of course it wasn't me. I had been on Hoot in another area, yet I disconnect, and she pops up right there. On the phone Techno and Pickle are practically screaming at me to change my passwords, I did that quick enough and then Pickle IMs me on aim portraying this "Cathie is online." Of course, that's one of my other alts. Now Techno goes and whispers said person on Cathie stating that "she was going to get Cironir if she had not gotten off the alt now." No surprisingly, she had faltered in logging on any more.
     Now I spoke to a guardian, bla bla, they told me to email the guardians. It took them about a month to (never) respond. I had to actually contact Cironir himself, which I did yesterday on March 8th, 09, to finally figure out who had done all of this. I was a bit shocked to find out that his server had stated that it had been Tawnie who had deliberately logged on Hoot at the time of the screenshot.

Now, I didn't know if Cironir was going to take any action, but I went ahead and whispered her asking her if she had any idea what that was about. Her excuse had been that she had been either "drunk, high or that her sister was online at the time". For one, she was online at the time because she was attempting to 'alert me of the situation'. After that, she had stated that Cironir had probably mixed her up. She had said that Cironir had mixed her IP up before during an incident regarding her stealing a phoe from Amber/Finland(Perhaps anyone remembers? dk.). After retorting my opinion, she had stated that she had to go eat with her family and left and later would log in and talk to me as if nothing had occurred. lol

I'd advise all of you to be very careful with her. I believed her to be a very good friend as she had put on quite a well disguised mask. It was only after this that that impression had died.[/img]

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Tawnie/Kelsy {WARNING. please readd}
«Reply #1: March 08, 2009, 01:25:46 PM»
you bet your balls that was a nice house until YOU DELETED IT. ok on topix


Tawnie/Kelsy {WARNING. please readd}
«Reply #2: March 08, 2009, 03:26:35 PM»
OKay kit. none of that had anything to do with this,that was two fucking years ago, and its completely off topic. its old news, edit your goddamn post now.

and just to clarify, amber gave me that phoe as a gift when we were dating then took it back without permission if i recall. IN any case i did take it back.

When cironir DID confront me about it, i was informed amber had stolen it from someone else in the first place (ask alice and mez about this). but guess who had to pay? that'd be me.

back on topic.

In any case, i think this is all a bunch of bullshit really.
I didn't do this, I have no reason to want hoot's stuff.
I love my characters to death and really don't need more.

BTW ash, i talked to cironir last night and he banned the computer that had logged into the alts, i asked him too. and i've been on furc all day.. if you get my drift.

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Tawnie/Kelsy {WARNING. please readd}
«Reply #3: March 08, 2009, 03:35:11 PM»
Kit does not have to edit something if she is not wanting too. Everyone is entitled in speaking their own thoughts in regards to this situation.

As for speaking with Cironir, why hadn't you, instead of talking to me like no situation had been present, told me that information instead of tell me that. Not only that, but the irony that the person who had been attempting to take my stuff had apparently been present around your character, and then to find that the IP address had been addressed to your character is a tad bit ironic.

Not only that, you claimed that Cironir had mixed up the addresses, not that the computer in which that IP was set to was a different one in your household.
And if what you claim is true, then why make such a bullshit excuse out of being drunk and/or high, or that your sister had gotten on it? I don't believe neither of the three theories would have been strongly believable. It just all seems completely irrelevant.
And if the situation between you and Amber had so happened to have not been true, then why did you tell me that the IP addresses had been mixed up when, even from your side of the story, Amber had 'apparently' given you the phoenix. If that were the case, then your IP address would INDEED show regardless, and it wouldn't have been mixed up.

But yes. This thread only serves as a warning toward anyone. For sure I don't believe anyone will know whether it be your sister or not, but regardless I'd rather keep this up to serve as a warning just incase something similar had so happened to occur again.

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Tawnie/Kelsy {WARNING. please readd}
«Reply #4: March 08, 2009, 06:22:22 PM»
The topic is what went on between Hoot and Tawnie, if there is an issue Finland has with Tawnie Finland can make a post about it. If you can't hash this out civilly, then take it to PM and update on the status of the situation later. We don't need cussing at each other, name calling, or anything else you might be tempted to dive into.

I think this thread is fair warning, and will not be removed unless it is proven that this did not happen.

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Tawnie/Kelsy {WARNING. please readd}
«Reply #5: March 10, 2009, 03:31:58 AM»
As far as someone logging onto the alt Hoot is concerned, this has been addressed.