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im tired of all tis im tired of all the ppl being mean to me sayin im a ahcker and stupid im no ok im just a 15 yr old tht stated furc a few months ago so plz lay moff me.idc if u tink this thred stinks idc idc idc u ned to no tht i am tired of being accused =( BY FUCKING SAPPHER AND ET NIMHG THEY SUCK.but i also didnt just cum here to rant i cam here 2 tell u tht sapp hacks accounts to aka skench. she hacked cml and kayos an a few others so plz report her if u see her shes very bad.dont fall 4 her if she says she donsnt shes just a liar tht wishs nimh loved her and will hang out with my ex bf idc y. =/ plz be awar of her she rly does dont share acconts wit her okkk? ty i do also have proof


there it is plz dont comment on it tht i didnt get pem i did nt nee dit. so plz dont fall 4 sapph shes a liar and asshole OK  :D
if u have further questions plz dont wistper put on this i h8 wen ppl be mean. ty
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I really, really have a hard time taking this seriously.

Unless you can come up with a decent, well-thought out post that isn't impossible to decipher, I am keeping this locked.

I see no evidence here, only pointing fingers with no proof and a LOT of childish cussing.

Also, posting whispers without permission is against the rules.

Your poll was also inflammatory, so I removed it.

I'm only mean out of necessity.