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still waitin'.
«: March 03, 2009, 11:58:10 AM»

just got a mail from paypal today saying the buyers (alice's friend? whoever?) CC company found the chargeback in favor of them, so paypal won't cover the money lost. great.

i'm sorry people are so butthurt that the original thread had to be locked, but this is just an update for anyone out there that's been as fucked over by alice as i was. don't expect paypal to help ya out.

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still waitin'.
«Reply #1: March 03, 2009, 12:23:14 PM»
since i was banned from furc, i (currently) have no way of getting money since my main means of income was selling alts/digos. the guardians/dep refuse to unban my alts to sell them (even though i was getting a lot for a few alts {including alice ~_~}- enough to pay back the dep completely and probably some left over to pay at least half of the top 5 people on my list but whatever) or transfer my lifers to a friend so they can be sold.
i also currently have no way to transport myself around town, so i cant get a job. id be perfectly fine with walking, but i live at least 5 miles away from the nearest gas station. im working on it, though.
nevertheless im (slowly) trying to pay everyone back. youre 3rd on the list, wolfe.

ive sent everyone various pms about the issue (down to pretty much the last detail) but nobody ever responded to them (i think i got like 3 responses), even though i was asking direct questions related to the situation, so i stopped updating everyone so often. i even tried to contact everyone whos aim/msn i knew (including you), but i rarely got a response.
if you really need the money, i can bump you up on the list and demand paypal for my commissions to pay you back or try to sell some irl stuff again.