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Mek's Trade Evaluations
«: January 19, 2009, 03:05:15 PM»
So I saw everyone else doing it, and I figured I would help to get some people's names out there who were quick and easy to trade with.  :D

If I forgot to add you, LET ME KNOW. I decided to do this after (stupidly) clearing my mail box. =X!

--> = New edit
@ = A more specific look into the trade that took place.

-->Tawnie: Sold me Sixth. Adorable alt and I <3 the port. Quick trade. Trustworthy person to trade with. =D

-->Sensorial: Bought the alt Sorcha off me. Very quick and easy trade.

-->Anubis Cruger: Randomly whispered me for a port space. Trustworthy and everything. Easy to get along with even though my gifting command was being screwy, Anubis didn't mind at all. Patient and easy to get along with.

-->Moose: Traded a port space to Moose. Patient, nice person all around. We chatted a bit about things unrelated to the trade. One of my more... :? Well, I was taking a while. Not intentionally but I had a phone call with a distraught friend and was trying to trade and make her feel better. Moose didn't seem to mind my rather untimely trade however, and was a very easy person to talk to and trade with. <3

-->Starri: Traded a port space to Starri. Very quick, obviously knew what to do. Quick, secure trade. =D

-->Latino: Quick, secure, simple trade. ^^ The way I like it.

-->Sonnie: Very, VERY friendly. Nice trade, went very smoothly. ^_^

-->Rhinn: Portrait trade. Received payment and secure traded the portrait to a friend of theirs. Was nice and easy to get along with. Another quick, smooth trade. <3

-->Shaena: A somewhat comical trade. xP Nice person, used secure trading, very quick, easy and smooth trade.  :D

-->Perrier: Traded a handful of spaces to. Nice person. Love her boot/shoes. <3 Secure, fast trade. =D

-->Spyro: Very, VERY nice person. Quick, secure trade. (Very nice artwork too. <3)

-->Teddy, Shize & Norihiko (different people): All were friendly, easy people to trade with. Used secure trading. Was quick and simple. <3

-->Kaura/Liquid Rave, Meltdown, Waterfox, Jov & Shyanne: Quick, simple, secure and friendly trades from all of them. <3
@Kaura: Very nice person to hang out with.
@Waterfox: We need to RP sometime soon. Dx
@Jov: Thanks for all the cookies! <3 *rubs happy tummy*

-->Delia & JTHM: Both were quick, secure and very friendly traders. Very trustworthy and nice people.
@Delia: Very kind considering my lack of internet for a few days. Very nice and understanding person. <3