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I'm probably forgetting a buncho people. Post/PM if I forgot you.

Vacation - Traded Vacation + Month bats for Amok
Jov - Traded 30gds for the alt babydoll, smooth and patient completely love this person c:
Zoriana - Traded Zacorus for 10gd, traded Cherry Blossom for the alt ximy, and they keep me updated when they have new alts that might catch my interest. Smooth and a very outstanding person.
Malory - Bought Tatsu off of her, smooth and fast, was a long time ago but I still have the alt which now is used by my litto' sister.
Allison/Mae - Traded the alt abbie for the alt Kitrae and a portrait by her, it was fast although still waiting on the art piece, completely adore this person.
Miki - Bought pacifier off of me for 5gd. A really fast and smooth trade, no trouble at all.
Erotikitty - Bought enigma for 6 spaces. Lovely person, fast and patient.
Midi - Sold midi to, idk their main... but for 5gd. smooth.
Vanella - Sold vanella to for 5gd. smooth.
Roum - bought gaia gold for 4gd smooth, fast, and reliable.
Moose - sold agate for 5gd.
Finch - sold ashia for $10 paypal.
Scarf- Bought mallissa for 10gd. smooth c:

i bought like 1 neopet lab account and 2 other that have 6 or more months although im not sure who i got them from.
i also bought portspaces although no clue who sold them to me..
i even sold portpsaces etc.... :f

Akuda - Commissioned a portrait for Mallissa which i do not own anymore and it's awesome!
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Please don't separate your reviews into "good" and "bad."

Thank you.

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