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Bad boy, bad boy; whatcha gonna do!
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** Okay so i thought it would be fun to do some of this because well... As all of you know i trade alot (I more less buy shit, its rare when im selling stuff.) Anyways here i go, if i forgot you please tell me ;_;

-Player i bought from
-The alts i bought
-The alts i sold
-The People i sold the alts to
-The people i bought digos from



LAST EDITED 11/13/08

Digos ---

Tungsten (<3) - I cannot count how many roses and port spaces i bought from him (aka a massive amount) Weird enough to say so he NEVER ran out which was a good thing on my behalf. I defiantly think if you want to buy roses or port spaces you should go to him. The trades are extremely fast and at a VERY nice price. Even on occasion i got me some cheap muffins? yeah LOL this guys is amazing go go go.

Kirin Rose (<3) - I sold a port space to this player, It was a FAST trade. Very smooth. It was a quick Summon, trade-start, trade-add, trade-reason, trade-accept. Not to mention they are GREAT to talk to! No questions asked and all hands down it was a very nice trade! THANKS MANGA.

Alts ---

Cigar -(<3) I bought the alt 'Zoey' From this player. they had quit not to long ago but had no fuss about my girlfriend helping me track them down, Via msn. They were very polite despite the fact they wanted a nice mint for Zoey they were nice enough to haggle the price to something around a nice offer i put on the table. I believe they were as fair as they could get due to the fact the alt name is a rather nice name.  The trade was quick once we came to an agreement. They logged on showed me the alt, a nice swift transaction. They were fine with me removing the port and making my own design! I would def trade with this user again.

Selena - (<3) I bought the alt "Ferocious" from this player. They were very patient with some of my half of the trade which involved art. (a port) The trade itself was quick and smooth and coming to a price was nice and organized. We traded before the art 1/2 on the sides were done and we still managed to close up the deal fair! (we finished the art not to soon after) It was a nice quick trade and their alts were nice on price. I would advise looking more into this user. They are amazing.

Tala - (<3) I bought the POKEMAN alt 'Slakoth' From this user. The trade was EXTREMELY quick; the AB set and ready no questions asked. I contacted her we jumped right to the trade; the ini. retrieval was nice and smooth. The whole trade was finished and set in stone in less than 3 minutes tops. She is amazing and VERY organized. I would def. trade with her again. (HELLO Slakoth is the most cutest pokeman ever. #SC)

Curtis - (<3) I bought the alt 'Danna' From this player. THE alt is amazing the moment i saw her i knew it was love at first sight and i just want to touc-- Well wait im getting off track here. ANYWAYS um... oh yeah The trade was nice and quick we came to a VERY fast agreement and within moments my one and onl-- the alt was mine. Sorry. Well i would trade with this user again. The price was VERY Reasonable considering she is Ported x'3 (4 now i uploaded one) and had plenty of Art/a website.

Archos - (<3) I bought the alt 'Snooze" From this player. Even though i couldn't get online the same time he was, he was nice enough to keep the alt on hold for me. We set up a time to catch each other on after failing a few times we managed to. His prices are AMAZING the best prices ever. VERY reasonable. I recommend this player if your looking for an amazing cheap alt. The trade was very fast, i liked the fact they put the password as the reason and requested i try and log on before moving forward. This is a great way of showing your serious on the trade. I have known him for quite a bit so i already trusted him but this helped more.

Nip - (<3) I bought the alt 'Asleep' From this user. It was a VERY fast trade. I knew the price, he had the password ready. When the trade came came came; around everything was set in stone and was finished with no problems not soon after starting. Their prices were amazing and DEF. set to something people could handle. KUDOS Nip you are great at thinking about others and how your prices range. <3 I DEFIANTLY direct you to this user. go go.

Skank - (<3) I bought the alt 'Patient' From this player. We spoke a little and came to a nice decision. The price was OUTSTANDING and very much so AMAZING! The trade was nice and quick. Despite the person having it on hold for 2 weeks and not contacting her in any way. (she did try to contact them once more before we did the actual trade which was VERY sweet and thoughtful of her) No response so we did the trade, i just went over the current offer, due to the fact it is a very beautiful alt. I recommend this player to other players take a peek at her list, the alts are a reasonable price for how beautiful they are!

Collie - (<3) I bought the alt 'Leash' and 'Sixty' From this player. SHE IS AN AMAZING FRIEND OF MINE. The price was VERY Reasonable for the alts being so beautiful and amazing. The trade was nice and quick; not to mention i got the passwords before the trade was set in stone as reassurance; (WE know each other very well but it was still a sense of how she was being sure i would get the alts aka that the passwords worked) BUY her alts guys im serious her prices defiantly have the seller in mind. Shes very sweet and didnt mind me haggling at all. KUDOS I LOVE YOU STEF.

Pez - (<3) I bought the alt 'Blueberry' From Miss Pez. The trade was amazing and fast. She was very patient with me, as i was with her. BUY all of her alts im serious, she is a very sweet girl despite what people think about her. She is very thoughtful and kind. Her alts are very amazing, She even let me keep the design which i adore to the fullest extent. I hit the AB on this one not soon after she posted and im glad i did. This alt was NFT/DNB for quite some time. So when it was FT for meer seconds i was on that SHIT. LOL; Well anyways i thank her for such a clean trade and i will be sure to take care of this alt to the fullest extent. ily pez.

Penalty - (<3) I SOLD the alt 'Plaid' to this player. The Payment was paypal and an alt. The trade took a little to put it together but turned out nice. When it was set in stone i received the paypal instantly; i recieved the rest of his part of the trade, it took awhile but its all done! THANKS!.

Glacier on FAM - I sold the alt 'bier' to this player for 2 other alts. The trade was nice and smooth. The only problem i had was the player broke the trade agreement and sold the alt to 'flowerH20' on FAM. This pissed me off pretty bad. (: None the less glacier says its okay because they contacted the owner who had the alt years ago and they said it was okay if they got the alt they wanted from them or w/e. Uh??? but w/e i guess the alt is aids now.~~ BUT i did sell it and cant yell for them breaking the trade agreement since who cares. BUT YEAH! none the less this is a good person to trade with if there is no trade agreement involved.

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Bad boy, bad boy; whatcha gonna do!
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Tip of the cap to you little lady. xD Thanks for the kind review. <3
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