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reviews from a starving opossum
«: September 28, 2008, 07:44:47 AM»
redo-ing these. if i forgot you, tell me.

miki- traded me loser forever ago for a really low price. good trader.

tala- traded me guitar as part of a trade for danger (which she traded to me for loser) there was a bit of a mix up since it was taking so long for her to pay, and i ended up reselling without remembering that she had already given me guitar. SOOO, i traded her danger's life foxen to cover guitar and it all worked out. good trade.

envy- bought danger off me for a pair of life chins when they were for sale 2-for-1 on the market. very good trade and i am currently in the process of drawing her some chibis for danger and danger's mate, ridicule.

zappy- idk i had to put her here even though we never really traded. i spoil her to DEATH and she knows the passwords to all my mains (and is the only one who ever will). she's done countless amounts of art for me, as i have for her. i'd definatly recommend her to anyone looking for a good trade. she's my best friend and EXTREMELY trustworthy.

ammy- i've read some bad things about ammy, but she's been nothing but nice to me. she even gave me a pair of life classics as a random gift! no complaints here.


i've commissioned countless people, these are just the ones i can remember.

eos/ old gordon- commissioned them for one of my favorite ports of guitar, and got it half-price cause i paid in advanced. very nice port, very nice timing on it.

kiwi- got my port done in very short time, and was patient with me scrambling to get the payment. worth a look!

the mint mink- got my port done the same day i commissioned it, and even gave me a discount! very worth it.

morgan- commissioned her with life classics for a port of guitar, and she got it done within two hours flat. she even went back and editted it when my comp got cleared and i needed the file again. very nice artist, if not a lil pricy. (but it's worth it for her work)

edwarde- got my port done in about 2 days and it was well worth it! the port i use for my icon as well as a ton of other crap, i love it to death and the price makes it all the more appealing. <3

stein- commissioned for one of guitar's first ports, and i love it! i don't remember much of this, but from what i remember she was very quick. recommended.

chipz- we did a port trade awhile back, mine looked like a butt and hers was awesome but she seemed happy so <3.

warn- commissioned for a port of whisker, and was so happy with it that i came back for couple ports of whisker and her sister, kipchak! they came out amazing and were well worth the 10 gd each. <3 if you're looking for an awesome feral port artist, your search is over!

rascal/ versus- gone to her for several ports, mostly premades, and am overjoyed with each of them! the style is so unique and she just gets better and better. definatly recommended, one of my favorite artists.

alexandra- a bit pricy, but well worth it. her shading is very unique and her bgs are to die for. i commissioned her for merle and ended up moving the port to whisker, and am currently in the process of buying a design + port off her. very nice work!

zappy- again, she's superwin and her art is amazing. i bought a premade off her for 2 spaces (even though i prolly coulda got it free) and i can't wait to load it when i get my comp back! well worth the look.

if i forgot you, lemme know!

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dangerous reviews............
«Reply #1: October 19, 2008, 11:42:28 AM»
i bought dubloon off you #ST
it was a wonderful alt and the first alt that i've actually payed over 15 gd for. i was very happy about buying it off you and uploading all of the ports onto the alt.  x3
previously delia.

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dangerous reviews............
«Reply #2: October 20, 2008, 06:22:59 PM»
Quote from: "D0ggie"
i bought dubloon off you #ST
it was a wonderful alt and the first alt that i've actually payed over 15 gd for. i was very happy about buying it off you and uploading all of the ports onto the alt.  x3

asdfg, i totally forgot! glad to hear you were happy with her. <3
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dangerous reviews............
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I never scammed you. And I am not Basshunter.  Bass is an idiot, I dont know what you have to do with him, and this doesnt need to be public.  But you can whisper me on Mollie.
[plus i love you dangerz]

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Re: reviews from a starving opossum
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