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«: July 30, 2008, 10:32:30 PM»
Alright before I explain, I would like to note that I am in no way calling either of these players scammers as of yet. Innocent until proven guilty.

Anyways this is what happened. I traded Hojo the alt Heidegger for a portspace, which I then used to pay for a digital art commision from Hachi.
This had been back in the month of May. Now the problem I'm currently facing is that Hachi whispered me claiming that the portspace had been cancelled.

Hachi: I hate you
You say, ":o"
You say, "Sincewhen?"
Hachi: You cancelled my port T.T
You say, "What port? o.o"
Hachi: The port for the sabaki picture.
You say, "I got that off an alt trade, sorry if it expired"
Hachi: T.T
You say, "I'll give you a new one once my other ones become tradeable"
Hachi: Yey :D
[ You whisper "I've never bought a port in my life, I get them from dream commisions/alt trading. I remember who I got the one I traded you from. Did it really get cancelled?" to Hachi. ]
[ Hachi whispers, " The following item(s) were removed from your character because the order was cancelled by the person who paid for it: portrait The following item(s) were removed from your character because the order was cancelled by the person who paid for it: portrait " to you. ]
[ Hachi whispers, "Thats totally what it said T.T" to you. ]
[ You whisper "Alright well in a couple days I'll give you another one once they become tradeable." to Hachi. ]
[ Hachi whispers, "Kay <3" to you. ]
[ You whisper "How long ago did it expire?" to Hachi. ]
[ Hachi whispers, "Dunno, I havn't logged into this alt for three days." to you. ]
[ You whisper "Can I use these logs for FAM?" to Hachi. ]
[ Hachi whispers, "Yea" to you. ]

I haven't been able to get in contact with Hojo for the past couple days. Whenever I see her alt Ada online, I go to the usual spot where it is but she always seems to be AFK/Not Responding and then logs off. Hojo from what I have seen is a very trustworthy trader. If the portrait space had been cancelled I'm guessing she too got it from a trade.

The problem I'm having with believing Hachi is this. The art was completed on May 27th, and the payment was given before its completion. She claims it expired within the past three days. Meaning it took 3 months before the payment was cancelled. From what I've been told, payments can only be cancelled within 2-3 weeks. (If someone can verify weither this is true or not it would help alot)

I'll keep trying to contact Ada/Hojo, and if anyone has any information, it would be a great help.


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Wow. News to me, but none of my other items have expired. Perhaps Hachi should contact the guardians and see who owned the space before this? Ive done many trades over the past few months so I cant really pinpoint who had the space before I gave it to you.

Edit: I was told that items can only be cancelled if the person whom bought the item had it cancelled, Ive bought portraits from the digo market, but they would be registered under Dean and not 'portrait'. That's what sounds fishy to me. =/

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I think the portrait part means the items that were canceled, not who it was canceled by.

.. Unless you mean something else.

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