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Minstrel's reviews~
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I've been on the altmarket for.. one or two years now? But either way it's due time I start up a board with all my trade reviews, so here it is.


Katie - Sold me Restricted and Dubloon for just 2 GD, VERY fast! Seriously. Three seconds after I posted -BAM- I get a whisper, lol. Really nice doing business with you. <3

Bizzare - Gonna be honest, my memory sucks and this was a while back but we traded a pair of butters for a few spaces, pretty sure this went really nicely.

Chelsie - Traded five spaces to her for the alt Train, which was my main for a while. There was a bit of difficulty with communication but otherwise, she was really nice about it and it went along smoothly.

Kagome - She actually gave me Black Cat as a freebie after seeing my ad for it on the unarchived listings. Much loved, thanks again! <3

Kelly - This is another that happened a while back, pretty sure I bought a pair of triwings off of her. The transaction was quick and without difficulty.

Spike - I bought Paranormal off of them a while back for three spaces. Like usual, no difficulty.

Thanatos - While the trade didn't go through, I did make an offer for one of their alts and they were extremely polite about it. Makes me wish we could do business more often. xD <3

Calica - Bought Wolx off of me not too long ago. Nice to deal with, and friendly to boot! <3

Train - Bought Train off of me for life classics, Spite, and a year Foxen. Originally this alt was more or less DNB, but I didn't expect to get an offer like this. ... And then bought Train back in August o___O Very nice doing business with you!

Naihurrn - Bought a space off of her, really fast transaction and a pleasure to deal with. Ily<3

Alp - Sold a year+ Gryffe to her for Albatross and 5 GD. Fastest trade I've ever done - I literally yelled LOL WHO WANTS A GRYFFE and two minutes later, done. Alp's awesome, muchlove.<3

Ambi - Sold me my new main, Minstrel. Quick and easy, a real pleasure to deal with. ilusomuch.<3

Rainz - Traded her Xio for 1 GD, also bought a space off of her. Rainz is just.. awesome. Enough said. <3

Julie - Bought Black Cat off of her. ILY JEWLEIGH #SO

Karley - Traded her Kuroji for Harrow. Quick transaction and very nice about it.

Robbie - Bought Ringworm off of him; very good price, nice alt, great ports. This guy's awesome.

Elce - Bought Jakk off of her. I'm surprised I got him for so cheap; thanks Elce! <3

AA - Traded Ammu Beet for Harris and some GDs. I love this alt, and his port, it's so cute! xD Thankyou. <3

Sorbet - Bought Bleeder off of her for a friend, and she loves it. Sorbet = muchlove.

Bleeder - Sold her Vie, LOL ILY TAK #SE

Collie - k not gonna lie I haven't actually bought anything off her but THAT'S IRRELEVANT she gave me 12 spaces to get Train back and should be loved. BUY HER SHIT. DONATE YOUR LOVE I COMMAND IT
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Minstrel's reviews~
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i love you

........................ .......and i always have.........

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Minstrel's reviews~
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i should get off my ass one do one of these.. #SJ

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Minstrel's reviews~
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Quote from: "Julie"
i love you

........................ .......and i always have.........

.................... i love you too..................... ..................... julie.....!

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i should get off my ass one do one of these.. #SJ

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