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In no particular order other than the way I remember it.

Finch - Lots of trades.  Thumbs up as always.

Turquoise - Think we've only ever actually done one trade but went good.

Lumi - Same as Finch.  Lots of trades, good person.

Mychelle - Lots of trades.  Worked out fine.  Always pays.

Cancer - Good trade when it came up.  Thank you.

Atheist/Julie - Good trader and polite.

Morgan - Lots of trades.  Always an amusing experience but in a good way.

Casper - Never really traded with her but know she's a great trader.  We've been friends for years.

Zipo - Great trader and sweet.  Does not trade anymore though but still deserves a spot up here.

Amber - Fine trades.

Hufflepuff - Extremely sweet person and very fun to talk to.  Great example of a trader.

Sb - Good trade.  Very patient.

Naru - Very satisfying trader.  Knows the value of a good name.  Thanks.

Ciara - Great trader, and a good friend.  Puts up with me for Otakon every year.

Twist - Still waiting on my two spaces for Spectre.  Never received.  Bad trader.

Doli - Great trader and sweet girl when she's around.

Lauren - Nice girl and always tries to respect a person's wishes on the status of an alt.

Tilt - Very poor communication; pretty much a lack thereof.  Would not answer in Furcadia whispers or FAM PMs until "publicly" mentioned on her thread.  When finally answering, never sent contact on Furcadia, and again was "afk" when inquired for payment.  Wouldn't trust to trade.

Meli/Topaz - Bid life bat on Viper, then said she traded it.  Offered to trade Life Flox instead then complained and wouldn't trade when discovering Viper was naked and claimed it "wasn't worth it" even though the alt was never listed as having anything on it.  Basically set up the trade and backed out.  Do not recommend trading with, no matter how "sorry" she will make herself out to be.

I've been trading for years so I'm bound to have forgotten someone.  If I forgot you please post here and let me know.

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Quote from: "Toushin"
Zipo - Great trader and sweet.  Does not trade anymore though but still deserves a spot up here.

Awe LOVE Tou! <3