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REMINDER: How to help have your problems solved!
«: June 02, 2008, 01:14:18 AM»
I've seen a lot of this recently here, where people are addressing Guardians and/or Cironir via FAM, as either their first means of contact or an extra one. I would like to remind everyone that FAM is NOT where you go to have the Guardians help you with your alt-scam situations. If you have an alt problem you need help sorting out, please remember to always email [email protected] to get the help you need!

FAM is not a place to report these problems to the powers that be who can help you solve your situations, and that is not the purpose of this forum. This forums purpose is simply to make OTHER PLAYERS aware of what happened to you, and what scammers they should be on the look out for, and perhaps to help you try and resolve these issues WITHOUT the help of the Guardians, on your own.

To summarize, if you are not trying to resolve a situation on your own, and you are seeking out the help of Guardians, please email them at [email protected]. If you do not do this, chances are you may not get the help you are looking for, as FAM is not a means of contact for ANY Guardian or DEP Staff.