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«: May 05, 2008, 06:17:14 PM»
Didn't know if this should be here or on FAZ. Art trade related.

Anyway. Back in February, the user Tilt whispered me in-game for an art trade. She offered one portrait & one half-body sketch for a website. We exchanged all the info & by the end of the night she showed me the port sketch & I showed her a layout preview.

We approved each other's work, but since it was so late I told her I would finish it the next day. She said the portrait would be finished in a few days at most. So I finished the site the following day & e-mailed it to her.

About 2-3 weeks later she whispered me again & said the portrait would be finished soon. I told her that was fine & to take her time.

Few more weeks went by, & I hadn't heard from her, but I noticed she had opened commissions on FAZ. I sent her a PM asking if she was going to finish the art trade, but never received a reply. So a few days after sending the PM, I sent her a whisper in-game.

Still no reply~! Though she has been active since then.

It didn't look like she was actually using the design I made her, so I guess I cant be too mad, but I did do what she asked, so I can't help but feel a little ripped off.  :\

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I've seen Tilt about a lot. I've conveyed the link to her, and she is aware; hopefully this will open up conversation between you two. I'm sure it is just a case of missing the whispers and the like.

Who knows :3

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Also, sometimes people won't answer because they're embarrassed that they are taking so long. I'd know. I'd done it in the past.
You're probably better of catching her in-game, as she has a proxy so if you don't get "dead" as a reply, chances are she is there.

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She whispered me a few days ago & said she was still doing it.

So for now I'm just waiting to see where it goes.