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Glaci's Trade Reviews
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Gebriel -> Bought Life Classics from; paid 2 1/2 weeks in advance. Contacted on day tradeable and was prompt in delivery. Trustworthy.

Mohawk -> Bought Life Butters from. Took a couple days to respond to PM but afterwards transaction was quick and precise. Very nice girl. :)

Paul/Twist -> Traded Twist to for Messiah + 1yr Primes. Very patient guy, persistent, good attitude. Twist had a port space on it that was not yet transferable when traded; allowed Paul to take alt anyway in trust space would be returned on trans date, which it was. :)

Nakkida -> Traded Lump to for 10 month Tygard. Communication was clear and prompt. Sweetheart. :)

Bam -> Sold 1year Primes to for 10gd. Took only a matter of minutes from inquiry to sale. :)

Pup -> Bought Life Phoenix from, very very friendly individual, easy to communicate and deal with. ^_^

Vulture -> Bought Life Dragon off of. Took a couple days to respond to pm's, but transfer went off without a hitch afterwards.

Narnia -> Purchased Life Tygard from. Don't really need to say much about Narnia. *grin*

Win/Shelley -> Traded Win to for 15GD & 1space. Quick, easy trade. Recommended.

Shimmer -> Sold Furry to for 10GD. AMAZING person to do business with, 5stars.

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Glaci's Trade Reviews
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