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«: April 23, 2008, 12:25:01 PM»
Kay. I just did like, four seperate trades with this guy KNOWING all the bad shit reviews he's got.

Don't know your guys problem or anything, don't care to know. But I just bought four life items off of him, everything not only went smoothly, but he was pretty kickass and emo afterwards. LOL. Kickass for being patient until I got all the money together for each lifer, but emo cause he sold his last lifer to me. :3

All items bought from John/Berserk are
Classic Wings; Life.
Dragon; Life.
Phoenix; Life
Butterflywings; Life.

So, don't know what kind of reviews you guys have. I have nothing but good things about this guy.

Oh, yeah. I also bought Racist. He hates me for it. but I dont care. I Bought the alt, and I love the alt.....

Now, to get my hands on Berserk. LOL JOHN

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in b4 hammr.

Remember to keep all comments you may have to PMs or to yourself.  This is a review thread, not a playground. Just a forewarning to anyone who may find it necessary to cause a problem.

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I appreciate it, Turq <3

I know a few people that dont come on FAM have also had some good reviews about him, as well. =)