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Kayla's Trade Reviews -Updated Feb 20th 09
«: February 10, 2008, 02:19:19 PM»
So here are my trades. The good, the bad, and the ugly.. But the last two so far haven't happened yet, and let's hope they never do!

Sorry if I forgot you.. This thread has been going on since.. I first started trading pretty much, well.. Got really active in it. So there's quite a few names here.


Jared - Traded them the alt Jared, bit of a wait, but I'm not picky on that, and once they had the items to trade, it was fast and quick.

Malerie - Sold me the alt Rango which was ported once and had a kitter on it,  and I sold her Symbol, Dali, and Dab. Awesome.

TehKitty - Traded the alt Rango to them with a kitter, don't remember what I got in return, but I know I gave them the password in a secure trade and got my items right away. Very trustworthy.

VORPALMUSE - Traded me the alt Big Ben, things went well.

Neelyxx - Got the alt Zacky Vengeance off of them. It took a while because they weren't always on, but they did pull through.

Illegal - Bought Vengeance off of them, very easy trade.

Amber - Traded me the alt Slash, and later on traded me the alt Tommy. Awesome to talk to, and easy to trade with. She cares about her alts, and I respect her for that. I think you should buy her alts.

Brie - Bought the alt Criss Angel off of me. Quick trade, other then my part (forgetting about the non transferable for a while life wings I had on an alt.. Geez, SMART ONE there folks.) But, they were kind enough to wait, and for that I thank them.

London - Formerly known as Vicky/Meme. I bought the alt Vicky off of them for life triwings, 15 GD and two portrait spaces, the trade went smooth. All passwords were given and such, although I made a slip up in the trade and we had to do another trade to add a portrait space I'd forgotten to add. Woops! Quick, reliable, on when they say they're going to be.

Wallaby - They bought the alt Treachery off of me for 1 GD. Simple, and very easy. (:

Laura - Traded me two portraitspaces for the alt Bulimia, quick trader, awesome person. =D

Joker - Traded me the alt Zachary for 30 GD. Reliable, trustworthy. GO TONY! (:

Rainbow Chaser - Traded me the alt Desotoh for a foxen. Very quick, fast trader.

xenon - traded me the alt Cyber for life classics. Quick, fast trader.  8)

Digital Love - traded me the alt Travel for 3 GD. Very smooth, everything was done in less then two minutes I believe.

Redd - traded me the alt Synsyter Gates for a portspace. (: Easy to get a hold of, and voila, you have a wonderful alt trade!

Aipom - they bought Zachary off of me for 30 GD. Great trader.

Holly - bought Brenden off of her for 13 GD. (: Thank you so much!

Nazi - bought Kurt off of them for 45 USD via paypal. Trustworthy, and they keep their word. Great trader.

Sala - (their furc name) traded me 9 GD for the alt Desotoh and it's website. Good trade.

Sylic - traded me the alt Zacky for some gaia items. She also gave me her month left of batwings, as well as two dollars and three cents left of SD and CD. <3 Lovely person, and for those of you that don't know, she's quit furcadia... Although she can be found on gaia.

Boo - traded me the alt Kayla for a life tygard and a portspace. Thank you so much! :D

Naruto - traded me the alt Bull for 15 GD and three portspaces. Thanks! Quick, smooth trader.

jpak - traded them the alt Musician for 7 GD. We had a difficult time getting a hold of each other, but that's partly my fault with being so busy. XD Good, fast trader.

Jesus - bought my alt Cyber off of me for a life tygard and life batwings. Awesome, easy trader. (:

C - traded her my alt Razor for a life kitter & 50 GD. Really nice, and wonderful personality. :D TRADE WITH THEM

Myshella - traded me the alt Blow for 55 GD. <3 Thank you SO much!

Penalty - traded them the alt Bull for 30 GD. Good trader, smooth. 8D

Quebec - traded them my alt Travel for 4 GD. Very fast... Like.. WOOSH fast :O

Justin - bought Gauge off of her. Awesome trader. :D

Bipolar - traded me the alt Painter for some life butters and 6 GD. AWESOME <3

Gauge - sold them Gauge for 60 GD. Holy fast! Within id say two hours or less they had the money ready. :O

Regret - sold them my alt Quinton for 5 GD.

Mekiao - sold them Wink for 20 GD. (:

Wicked - didn't trade them anything but they deserve to go here. After the alt take back that furcadia did, (once we remade all the ones we wanted) Arkham Asylum slipped from my grasp, and was returned to Wicked. She contacted me letting me know she was waiting for it to expire and gave me the password to the alt. <3 ILOVEYOU


DeathSign - Bought a life wolven off of them for 45 GD. Quick and fast, very trustworthy

Tiggers - Traded a pair of life triwings to them for some GD and it went as smooth as silk, other then the fact that my laptop froze and I had to run to my old computer. ;D

Bizzare - traded a kitter and lionen to them, went very quickly. Good trader.

Dil - Traded a penguin to them. One day wait after I put it on hold, and then BOOM. They're ready. The trade itself took less then two minutes, if even one. Trustworthy.

Meli - gave me GD for some butterflywings and a tygard, smooth and very fast.

Kurt - an IRL friend who is very trustworthy, and whom I've bought alts off of as well as sell/give digos to. If she's got alts for sale, buy 'em off her!

Digital Love -  Went very smooth. They're friend Kunori contacted me about my prime wings, and Sadil ended up buying the wings for Kunori with a portspace. Trustworthy, I paid first, and got my portrait space.

Preterition - (Furcadia name, I believe he's trying to make an FAM account), an IRL friend of mine. Very trustworthy, although he may need remindings of things due to him being so busy all the time. Much love Pret, much love.

heartkitty - they bought a pair of my pimewings, and asked me to give the wings to a friend. They paid first, then I gave the wings to their friend. Trustworthy trader, quick and easy.

kufky - they bought a foxen off of me. They gave the GD to a friend, since the friend was the one getting the item, and I ended up doing a secure trade with the friend. Very fast and trustworthy.

Vantage - bought 6 portspaces off of me for 30 GD. In and out, very fast.

Godfather - whispered me about my life furling, we worked out a deal. Quick, reliable.

Darkos - Furcadia name, unaware if he has an FAM. Traded me life classics for my two year dragon. Everything went well, he was even willing to wait for the dragon to become transferable. Awesome.

Jared - bought a tygard off of me for 4 GD. Very understanding, and I'd trade with them over and over again. =D

Leech - i sold them some neopets stuff for two portspaces. they accidentally sent the one to the wrong account, with brackets and things are hopefully going to be worked out with guardians. :x
great trader, im just hoping they get their portspace back from pixel doom! D:

Hitler - sold 1 cwp to them for 1 GD, quick, tada, it is the sign of another good trade!

Mythic - sold 3 purple roses and a flaming sword to her for 7 GD. Good trader, quick and fast.

Bipolar - traded a portspace for 5 GD, in and out ;D

Aipom - traded a portspace for 5 GD, quick.

Alaklain - traded me two GD for my wolven.

Loki - traded me a portspace for 5 GD when I really needed it. Very fast ;o

JTHM - bought my life leonen for $30 via paypal. :3 Awesome, fast. Totally chillin'.

Kumi Genso - bought my month penguin for 6 GD. Fast, quick trader. Great girl (:

Zeppen - traded my life tygard for their life triwings. :3 Very fast trader.

Okepi - traded 50 GD for her life classics. AWESOME person. :D

FB - traded her a pair of my life classics for 40 GD. 8)

jpak - wanted the kiwi for a friend, bought for 2 GD.

Beep - traded my kitter for a year to her for 5 GD.

Scrap - traded a wolven for 1 GD.

Myshella - traded some digos to her for 20 GD. Awesome trader, also bought Blow off of her. 8D

Deya - bought a year phoenix from me for 10 GD. Easy trader. :D

Mr. Hanekoma - bought a year dragon from me for 20 GD. AMAZIN'  8D

Shimmer - traded her my life foxen for 30 GD.. Oddly enough bought a life foxen and life wolven from her XD.

Saturnine - traded me $45 USD for my life kitter. Excellent trader.

Superman - LOVELY person. Traded them a life furling for 40 USD. If they ever ask you to do a trade, you should always accept. <3

Flamerus Rex - sold them a life toaster and life flox for $240 USD. Awesome person. <3

glitbiter - traded them a life bat for $85 USD. <3 Awesome person!

Renzi -  traded them my lifer unicorn for some paypal. Quick and fast, in and out people, IN AND OUT. :D

Rellik - traded me $60 USD for a life kitter. Quick and fast. This girls RAD.


Shnee - Commissioned them to do a portrait for one of my main characters Zacky Vengeance. Lovely work, and not even a long wait! I recommend her, if her commissions are open. If not, she's worth the wait!

CJ - bought a premade portrait off of her for 4 GD. I'd like to think of her as one of my good furc friends, and her art is lovely <3 You should see about getting something done from her!


Dan - traded me 20 dollars worth of gaia gold for 20 GD. Trustworthy and fast.

Militant (furcadia) - traded me 250k of gaia gold for two portspaces.

Tarrence - bought 5 mil of WC off me for 1 GD.

If I forgot you I'm sorry! I can't remember everyone, but if you post here or PM me I'll be sure to fix it. :)
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Kayla's Trade Reviews -Updated Feb 20th 09
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Thanks <33

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Kayla's Trade Reviews -Updated Feb 20th 09
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If I'm remembering correctly... didn't I buy that penguin from you? I think you mixed up Dib and me. xD

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Kayla's Trade Reviews -Updated Feb 20th 09
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Quote from: "Dil"
If I'm remembering correctly... didn't I buy that penguin from you? I think you mixed up Dib and me. xD

Yep, sure did. xD Sorry about that, fixing it right away.
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Kayla's Trade Reviews -Updated Feb 20th 09
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i gave you gd for the tygard and butters. x3 was loo on furc.
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Kayla's Trade Reviews -Updated Feb 20th 09
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Sadil is my FAM name, yeah. ;3

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Kayla's Trade Reviews -Updated Feb 20th 09
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sold you zachary for 30 bux.  8)

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Kayla's Trade Reviews -Updated Feb 20th 09
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Kayla's Trade Reviews -Updated Feb 20th 09
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Kl: lol my lief so bad lol me wanna die lo ldog shit

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Kayla's Trade Reviews -Updated Feb 20th 09
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+Superman, Rellik and a couple of the other ones I havent updated in a while.
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