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Le' reviews!
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Lol lame title AHOY!!

Well its about time I did one of theses pages!

These have no set order other then in the order I remember them :P

What I've Bought-


So we don't talk much but, I love 'em. Not gonna lie! :P I bought my Main off them for a very good price, I didn't have to wait months after I put up my bid (only a week! Not even!) and the trade went very well quick and simple! I believe they don't trade anymore, but I will be willing to do ANY sort of business with them again, I was very excited when I got Davis :P (if you couldn't already tell.) I love love love barouqe, and you should too! :P


Bought the alt PS2 from the recently, I couldn't find the 1gd I originally offered and felt really bad about it, but they were willing to accept two of my 1 gds alts for PS2 without getting mad at me at all, very kind person, had a wonderful little conversation afterwards. (Which I just LOVE to do it's better then just buying and leaving off. <3) The trade itself went very fast (since I had to change one of the characters pass cause I can't remember who I've changed and who I haven't. I'm so blonde.) Wonderful person to tade with and good prices! Would def. trade with them again! ^-^


Bought the alt "Jimmy Kudo" from them for a friend who is obsessed with Detective Conan for a valentines day present. Was very understanding when the port space I offered on them wasn't trans yet and had to wait (almost a full week cause I'm a moron or I wouldn't of offered it :P) until the portspace was trans, and was very cool and kind and unmad about it. The trade went very quickly despite the fact that I spelt it wrong the first time and got somewhat nervous (cause of all theses scams, which is one the the reasons I should do this. :P) Was very nice, very business like, quick and smooth trade all around. <3


Bought the Alt "Shinji Ikari" from them, to feed my inner anime nerd :P Very quick trade, and a really nice person. ^-^ I couldn't really remember if we had a conversation afterwards. (I know how horrible!) But the trade itself was quick and simple and there was actually no hitch ups on my end (which is usually how things roll) so it went by very smoothly! Would def. buy from again. ^-^

I haven't a clue cause its always changing? But last time I knew it was andy?-

 Bought the alt Schnitzel from them (Radda Radda) quick and simple trade, very business like, was very pumped when they accepted my lower offer, since i have like no GDs :P Pretty easy to trade with.

What I've Sold-


LOVE LOVE LOVE <3 Sold them the alt Orphan for 1gd, trade went simple and easy, and I am very glad it went to a loving home! We had a wonderful conversation afterwards about superheroes :hee hee: Very nice and easy to get along with person, I have a feeling were going to be good friends :P I would DEFINTLY trade with again! <3 ^_____^


Traded them the alts Elenore and Darlene for the alt Rou, was very nice to wait a bit while I changed both their passwords, was very quick and simple trade. ^-^ (Was a little sad to see them go cause they were my only female characters I had left, how sad is that!) But overall the trade went very simple and easy, and she was a very kind person! <3 I would trade if the need arose.

Thats it fer now :P

If I forgot you lemme know! (I have a feeling I forgot a handful, since I should of been writing reviews the whole way thought. But I totally forgot and now I am playing catch up!. :P)



I use the ":P" smile WAY to much, I was going to edit them out but I find it funny. Sorry if its super annoying! hee hee!
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You're a doll. <3 I enjoyed the inner nerd you speak of. It's not often I get to talk shop with folks especially considering the things I enjoy. n-n! Thank you for the beautiful review. It's very nice. :3
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Le' reviews!
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Aw, thanks hon~<3!

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