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Review on a Recent Trade.
«: January 15, 2008, 06:17:39 PM»
Review on a recent Trade.

Her Name on FAM: Colorful
Her name on FUrc: Dol
The reasons.. She scammed me. And others
She said the alt Lynn was her at the time she sold me the classics.
Sold me life classics for 55.00
I bought her alt.. haha stupid me (the alt colorful}
Got a whisper from a nottohappy guardian.
Got My main frozen for a day
Sent in EVERYTHING i could possible send in (logfiles screenies)
Got the classics removed from under my hat
Lost 55.00

Logfiles of her lieing, saying she wasnt lynne saying she didnt know who owned the
alt.. then suddently the alt belongs to her friend, and that she had permission to go onto the alt lynn and sell the life classics for her own profit..{I do have proof, however she does not}

Im refraining to post ANY logfiles of anykind on here. I hope she has been banned for what she had did.

use your OWN judgement on this situation. Im not forceing you to stop doing trades with her.. Im just giving you a simple warning. Let me know if you posted onto this topic. I dont know if this is where I should be posting it.

P.S Lynn is the one who said her classics went Missing!


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Review on a Recent Trade.
«Reply #1: January 15, 2008, 06:33:21 PM»
really sucks about that trade, but i'm just letting you know you should change your thread before it gets deleted. you're not allowed to label sections 'good trades' and 'bad trades'.  :oops:

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I'm going to have to agree--you might want to alter your thread and simply make this a review on a bad experience not seperated or categorized--and your title is a bit dangerous too.

But to put in my two cents, this isn't the first time it has happened with this particular individual. I've lost a pair of Life Triwings as well and a friend of mine lost a pair of Life Bats. :<

Unfortunately I've tried to contact just about anyone and everyone in the Furc staff to have the problem resolved, but digo trading is a player risk sort of thing that cannot really be resolved by DEP.. I'm sorry for your loss though and I feel your pain. -_-
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Review on a Recent Trade.
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heh thanks.. and I think.. I could have posted this in trade-scam alerts topic thing.. maybe someone can bump it there x: Ive got some lovely friends who are going to donate some gd. Im going to try todo some kinda commission to get the other part then lay my money down on it again {from the digomarket} haha no second hand crap. I dont even think I want to alt trade with anyone. Just cant trust people.. -sigh-

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Review on a Recent Trade.
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It really sucks that this experience has driven you to distrust everyone, but I can completely understand where you're coming from and as often as people change their names and so forth--you never can tell where the scammers will pop up next.

I hope everything goes well for you though! Best of luck. :3
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Review on a Recent Trade.
«Reply #5: January 15, 2008, 08:50:52 PM»
Thanks.. once again.. I do keep track of emails. Thats all I have. It is hard to know alt names yes.. ugh.. Ill stick with buying things off "close" friends. Not doing alt trades Anymore. If I have a ported alt and someone wants it. Then I unno.. guess they have to ask? and see what happens.. for digos.. digos cost an arm and a leg sometimes. And it has lead to distrust of doing such a trade {unless it is secure trade on BOTH ends} ugh. Well I hope she recieves some sort of punishment for this.. for all of our sake.

And the fact she scammed us only to get the money the item taken away from the buyer.. who wins in the end? The Scammer does. I thought the trade would go well considering she sold me a life phoe.. then again that was on her main that is not listen on FAM. haha yeah..