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My Trades
«: January 01, 2008, 03:19:50 AM»


Nami - Sold Al to, had a bit of trouble but got it settled real quick and nice without anything arising from it.

Harpe - Sold Creed to, Smooth Transaction and real quick

Edward - Gave a couple of Free alts to, no problem

Archery - Traded Archery and some Waja things for Bryant

Dark- Bought Scimitar and Ridge from without any problem <3 trustworthy

Nova - Sold an alt to for the auto, donno if they want name out but trust worthy and good trader.

Naru and Vincent - Wonderful, bought an alt from me together I had no problems.

Julie- Quick wonderful and honest, I forgot I had an empty space on the alt to keep it active and not expire and she returned it to me <3

Zim - Been sharing Kabuto for ages, kept wanting to buy it off her... finally saw it up for sale and bought it from.

Fengo - Bought Vegeta from

Penalty - Sold alts to, havn't had an issue with this player.

Danger - Traded Danger to her for her alt Loser

Kangaroo - Sold Kangaroo too and got the alt Cougar from her

Art: -Moving to FAZ as well
Snake - Commissioned and Bought premades from, all went smooth and quick. I love Her art <3~

Pyro - Donno if he is on FAM anymore, bought tons of ports from. Took time for them to get done but they were always some of the best anthro ports I could get =3

Sasuke - Bought a premade from, had it edited real quick and the trade went smooth =3

Edward - Commissioned 2 Ports for Gerbil, got them all in a timely manner.

Baroque - Commissioned a crap load of ports back in the day from, got them all real quick and all what I wanted.

Aqua Dark - I have tons of art from this crazy gal, I love her to death and her ports are wonderful. I have old and some real new ones showing the improvement.

Archery - Got tons of gift art and did a port trade with =3

Rhea - Got ports from in the past, and I am currently waiting for 2 commissions from her =3 she might be slow but her art is great and she does get it done.

Ook - Traded life butters for an art slave <3

Lone - Bought ports from <3

Alexandra (On faz) - Bought a premade from, made it just how I wanted it.

Pez- Finally got a commission from her for my character and bought crap loads of Premades (Ports and Line arts)

Morki on DA - Commissioned tons of time, wonderful ports and art

Edward - Sold life primes, life kitters to and also helped buy a life wolven for. Nice trader, all actions went smooth and I had no trouble at all.

Yes I know I forgot people its 3am on new years so I will go through logs and PMs to check for more of my trades... Feel free to PM me if I did a trade with you for any of these.

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My Trades
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^o^ ILU<3

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My Trades
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+ Julie

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My Trades
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Hi, hi! I boughts a Life Ferian from yah. :3
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My Trades
«Reply #4: January 16, 2008, 10:13:14 PM»
i bought life classics from you for 55 gd.

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My Trades
«Reply #5: January 26, 2008, 09:03:42 PM»
You bought shukaku from me for life tris, and sold me Ritsuka

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My Trades
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i love you :oops:

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My Trades
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you sold me a pair of life bats. :o

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My Trades
«Reply #8: February 12, 2008, 01:31:20 PM»
You sold me a Life Ferian back when. :3
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My Trades
«Reply #9: May 05, 2008, 10:13:51 PM»
:o could you add our transaction to your reviews?
awesome deal, thank you again! <3
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My Trades
«Reply #10: July 22, 2008, 01:56:43 AM»
you sold me ritsuka & I sold you ritsuka & soubi :]

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My Trades
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I lick you.


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My Trades
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This is like way outta date, I hope to be updating it soon


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My Trades
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updated to what i can remember xD

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My Trades
«Reply #14: November 13, 2008, 03:02:44 PM»
you traded me comet and marry for jax <3~
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My Trades
«Reply #15: December 12, 2008, 12:14:28 PM»
Brought Blindfold from you AGES Ago
And most recently Dwarf(I am glad it worked out for us both in the end xD )