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My review. <3
«: December 27, 2007, 12:03:20 AM»
Haruno Sakura: Contacted her about an alt. The price was decent, the trade was smooth, she was very polite and understanding. Definitely would trade again, and highly recommended. <3

Kimbley: Did a port for her waaaaay back. Paid me upfront, was smooth, trustworthy in trading, all of that good stuff. :]

Myshella Cambree/Myshella/BlueBonnet: My experience with this person was perfect up until I asked for a refund prior on the grounds of a better deal. If you do trade with her, be sure that is exactly what you want to do, no turning around, otherwise you may be at high risk for personal insult. Please be careful!

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My review. <3
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Myshella was asked to shorten her review and direct to PM for more information, so you can do the same. The purpose of trade reviews is not to bash each other.