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Trade reviews
«: December 16, 2007, 10:48:12 PM»
Edward- Traded Sahara to them, trade was easy and they kept up their end very well. Good trader.

Turq- Did a partial trade with in the past, both of us fell out of touch and mutually broke it off but was very pleasant to deal with.

Childhood/Chaotic- Traded Teddy to, then traded back as she wanted Dodger instead. Changed her mind a lot, turned around and resold Dodger although it had been agreed that he WOULD NOT be traded. Would not trade with again, became hostile when questioned politely.

Morgan- Bought Ferret and a premade from her, failure to keep in contact on my part due to irl issues. She had every right to be rude or mad but was instead civil and understanding/allowed me to continue payment. Polite and reliable, suggested trader if you want a good trading experience.

More recently I traded her the name Nine and 10 gd for some awesome unremap ports and a wonderful premade.

Lesbian- Scammed me once two years ago out of the alt entry, more recently tried to scam me out of Nine. Known scammer good riddance.

Harpe- Good trader, sold them Rapier and Beaute. Payed over time and was prompt/reliable.

Eli/Ilino-Multiple trades with, Impatient. Shared the alt Brenden with them, they gave it to their sibling who then traded it. Bad trader, should be avoided

TK- Purchased Ridge and Scimitar, Quick and efficient.

Naihorn- Purchased Hildebane, quick and polite. I also bought Minkh and Iokaste from them.

Wolfe- Sold her Relic and bought ports from her in the past, reliable over all.

Joint/Fetch- Traded them an alt two years ago for art. Received some of it but not all, decent trader but not a suggested artist for commissions. In no way a scammer but not very consistent.

Stoner- Traded Chad to them for art, trade still in progress but great work on their part. Suggested person to commission for quality ports.

Trex- Commissioned port work from her and I adore them both, great artist and is a pleasure to deal with

Chris Bought Peyote from them for ten dollars

Ally/Hitler I've done an insane amount of trades with her from art to digo's to alts fantastic trader.

Gage Traded them Cerberus for various things, happy that my alt has a good home and pleased with the trade.

Meli Traded her Zelma for life butter, super fast/well done trade, pleasant to trade with.

Mauser Purchased Hallelujah from, very smooth trade/fun to talk to.

Train Sold them Hallelujah no hang ups there, then bought Wasp from them. There where some hang ups with her computer but she took care of things to the best of her abilities and was very easy to work with/quick to help fix the situation.

Mini Have traded with now and then

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Trade reviews
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Dark has my stamp of approval. Dark = good people <3

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Trade reviews
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ty darkeh! HRTHRTHRT

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Trade reviews
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you bought hallelujah from me (which was a wonderful trade). 8)


Trade reviews
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ya forgot me :x

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Trade reviews
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i bought hallelujah from you for 80$ :3 <3


Trade reviews
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yuou forgot me

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Trade reviews
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Added a bunch