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reviews ( OSHI- )
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i really haven't done.. many.. rofl. but ill put the ones i can remeber.

[[ digos ]]

Tan~ traded my butters for her ferian. i almost messed up, because she wanted the butters on cupid, and i accidentally sent them to tan, but she was nice about my stupidness. xD but anyways, quick and easy on my part. definately reccomend.

[[ alts ]]

Ryuuzaki~ sold me my main, Gaara. Very quick, easy, and.. well i was very excited to get the alt. #SK; rofl. reccomend x 1000000000

Rikarai~ traded 4 GD for my alt Now, she was VERRYYYY patient. <33 I was an idiot, and had a huuuge ordeal with Now's password, almost had to give the GD back until i could get it straightened out, but she trusted me ( i think xD ) and waited it out very patiently. She was a doll, and I highly reccomend her. <:)

[[ art ]]

Kelli~ i did.. two ports and two digital sketch things for her.. she payed me in alts which was ok. she kind of bugged me about how they were coming along, but it wasnt that bad. and one charachter she didnt even have a design or anything for, so i just had to wing it. i made up a design for it though and confirmed weather it was alright with her, and eventually got finished. but then, the first port i made her, she never ported the alt it was for, and is now selling the alt and the unuploaded port, which was kind of a downer, but thats her business. just a few things that may or may not concern you personally, i do reccomend her though, she wasnt so bad. lol

[[ ect. ]]

commission rukia kuchiki she is very good -_____-

if i forgot you tell me plz #SK
you know what, if you don't like it, get on the internet and complain.

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reviews ( OSHI- )
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i was mentioned.



reviews ( OSHI- )
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you know what, if you don't like it, get on the internet and complain.