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I'm gonna need a lot of time to write this, so if you're not here now, or want to remind me of something, drop me a PM and I'll update. <3

<3/Ali: Very awesome, very nice. Reliable beyond belief, and even fixed my goof-up when I accidently gifted crap to her. <3 She's really cool to talk to too so ya should do it, k.

Alucard: -has traded me a LOT of my favorite alts, and I super appreciate it! Easy to talk to and trade with, and fun to boot. Most famously, I got Naraku and Karinka from him!

Amber: Traded me Keiichi, impossibly cheap, a while back. :3 I srsly love Keiichi, I'd crush on my alt if it were possible.~ Quick and easy to work with, and friendly (duh).

Ambi: I don't think we traded, but she gets honorable mention for being radtacular. Yaaaay. #SO

Ayu: ZOMG my love for her burns with the hot intensity of a thousand suns. She gave me Kotonoha and Sekai, has a lot of the same interests as me, and is amazing to talk to. If anyone disagrees, then they're probably an anti-social s.o.b.

Baroque: Is and always will be the original Edo (I just can't adjust to saying "Baro"). She's an awesome artist, trader, totally trustworthy, and is on the level of saint for putting up with me running around her dream R-tard-tastically.

Demi: Another coolbean. Demi is so well-known, popular, and really sweet. I don't remember what we've traded, though, if anything. I'm dumb.~

Edward: Puts up with a lot of drama, zomg. A very good trader, though, who I've never had a problem with, and have had the pleasure of trading with and talking to.

Gage: We traded some stuffs Iunremember but she's cool, okay.

Hojo: If there's one word for Hojo, it's "skan"-- trustworthy. Yes, tly. We've shared alts, and share interests too~ - now if only I'd stay on furc. long enough to talk and RP, hurrr!

Jeshika: Great artist, great girl. One of the people on AIM I'm always glad to talk to, even if I miss her ... -a lot. Have we done alt trades? Dunno. She does really good commissions though, which is good, because there's few people I'd want to talk to about art.

Jearu: Dependably darling, she's shared alts with me and has always been a pleasure to talk to. <3 ... even though we don't get to, a lot. ;-;

Kayu: One of my bestest friends eva'~ Katelin is the best. We share alts, memories, obsessions *cough* and she's ... just so cool. What more can I say? We've been friends a really long time, and our friendship started over ... an alt trade. Go fig.! <333

Kaori: My neighbor, bff, and homie. RE4, late night popcorning sessions, and so many insiders that you can fill a house. Oh, right, trade review. *cough* She knows all my passwords, and I know hers, and she's just so fun to talk to and trade with (if you call it that). She's sweet and wouldn't screw you over, ever<3.

Kimbley: Another amazing person. Only amazing people make this list, after all.~ One of the traders you never see anyone have trouble with! I don't know if we traded ... but Kimmy is cool, no arguments. Man, I suck at writing reviews!

Kiwi: Okay, okay, this one's real this time. Kiwi is reliable and sweet beyond all comparison! She traded me Ariel, and even let me pay with the spaces right off of Ariel (since I intended to clear them and turn her into the Little Mermaid). <3 Ariel is #3 in my list of most-used alts, and I love her sooooooo much. Thank you, Kiwi!

Lightning: I, fucking, love, Lightning. o.o~ She gives me so much, and is always so nice to me. I get along with a lot of people, but she's one of the few I get along with BEST. She's given me more alts and digos than I can name, AND the AIM sn Moni. Helloooooo autowin!

Lyndsey: Radtacular. Did we trade? Iunno. XD I'll get back to this one.

Mauser: Traded a lot a long time back. <3; I can't remember how, but I think she traded me Regenerator for gaia gold (which I got by cheating anyway). :D I loved that name, sooo much, and to this day am still deathly afraid of and/or obsessed with the creepy regenerating RE4 critters.

Morgan: Does Morgan even need a review? Everyone knows and loves her, she's obviously trustworthy, and probably has more reviews about her than anyone else. <3 But regardless, Morgan rules.

Rikura: <placeholder> Very sweet to talk to, and I'm glad I got the chance to. ;; I almost chickened out of trading with her, because I'm always afraid of asking people about NFTs, but she took it surprisingly well (to me anyway) and now I'm happier than can be.~ [will be updated]

Rinoa: Ash is awesome and gives me stuff, and I love her for it.~ She's so funny and nice to talk to, not to mention tease because my job is better than- JUST KIDDING, DON'T HURT ME.

Ruka: Ruka is win, seriously. We share so much junk, and actually began talking when we realized we had each other's wanted alts .... and wouldn't give them up. XD So we share, nyaaah. Another amazing artist who, so help me when I get money, I will commission her helpless. <3

Rupert: -is not Rupert, she is Bri, and anyone who's anyone knows Bri is reliable, friendly, and ... spiffy. <3 I think we share alts, we might not, I lose track, but I trust her with any of my passwords, anytime.

Saffire: Garney is #SO. She's a great artist, with a great personality and she's so nice to talk to. x3 Again, I don't know if we traded, but I did get two ports from her before. Given, I didn't know what I was doing~, she still worked with me and made me happy. ... she always makes me happy.

Sierra: Rad.~ We share Danielle, and not too long back she bought Renee off of me for some spaces. Too bad Furcadia refuses to add an accent on the e. T___T;

Spades: A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE TRADER, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Naaah just kidding.~ My bestest friend (who I want to kill), offline and on, she knows all of my passwords and I know hers. We get along like sisters (for example, at each other's throats on daily basis), and spend great amounts of time discussing furcadia. Wait, is this a trade review or friend analysis? I suck at both. She definately won't ruin a trade, and is not only trustworthy, but overly friendly and apologetic~ - the good kind, though. Highly recommended.

Stephie: We haven't had a lot of chances to talk, but Stephie is great. Honestly, RE-lovers are win, but Stephie goes above and beyond the autowin of zombie-lovin' to the point that she's nice, obviously reliable by all the nice reviews about her, and of course kind that she gave me Audrey II - a huge want of mine, me being the LSOH nerd I am, totally free because I wanted it ... #SO~

Superman: One word: #SO! I love Supe, she's so interesting to talk to, and possibly the nicest person I've ever had the honor of saying I know! I think we did a trade involving Aqualad at some time, but my memory sucks, so who knows. <3 Again, another semi-useless stating-the-obvious, since I've never seen anyone have a problem with Supe. How could you, really? Highly recommended! :P

Turq: Turq is great. I'm so out of it I don't remember any trades, but she's given me alts and has offered me first dibs at some sales! Incredibly nice and- I'm running out of nice things to say. Love Turq, that's it and that's all (or ELSE).~

Usagi: I love Usagi. We've had a lot of good talks, alt-experiences, and overall she's just a fun person to interact with. I hate not seeing her around the threads anymore, but I hope she still reads to know that I love and miss her. <3


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When I read the first sentence I wanted to take an axe epically to your head. xD But thank you for the kind words. Love youuuu! <3

(Copy and paste rules. ;3)

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Awwh, thank you Monifayse ;__; We didn't trade, that's true.. but you did give me an alt I cherish.

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I don't really actively trade alts much anymore. If there's an alt you want, and you know I own it, approach me. We might be able to work something out.

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I'm not a saint. :oops:

I'm an R-tard with you. <3


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and we traded um

Oglop for android and you share thingies with me. ~

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Aww thanks for the awesome review <3 I'm not that great of a person ^^;


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Skank? Ooooh meanie Monehsmex. But I love ya anyway <3 Ruto and Anju are still around if you ever want to share them again. We miss you, sign on more often <3333 -drags to DE-

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Wow, thank you very much. <3 Aqualad -and- Cyborg, dear-heart. Both of which I'm cherished to have. You are too kind!
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